QProv User Guide

QProv is a provenance system for quantum computing. It enables the collection and analysis of important provenance attributes about QPUs. It is, e.g., used by the NISQ Analyzer for the selection of suitable quantum implementations and QPUs and for the comparison of available quantum compilers.

Retrieve Provenance Data of a QPU

To retrieve provenance data of a certain QPU, first set your IBMQ token at the QPROV_IBMQ_TOKEN field and check if QPROV_IBMQ_AUTO_COLLECT is set to true in the docker-compose.


Currently, only quantum computers of IBMQ are supported, thus, in this case, your IBMQ token is required.

In case the QProv Collector is up and running, go to the list of Compute Resources under Execution Environments to trigger querying available QPUs. The list now shows all available QPUs that can be inspected regarding their provenance data.

Define vendor of QPU

Select a QPU and open the Provenance tab.
A great set of provenance data about the topology, metadata, qubits, and quantum gates is displayed.

Provenance data of QPU

Calculating the Calibration matrix of a QPU

For calculating the calibration matrices for given QPUs, set QPROV_IBMQ_EXECUTE_CIRCUITS to true. Therefore, the qiskit-service is used.